About TSItouch

About Our Company

We are dedicated to providing one product: integrated touch screen monitor solutions. We've built our reputation for customer focus by providing the right touch solution for each customer's applications.

Church of Ladder Day Saints: 2x2 Video Wall with Infrared Touch Overlay

Competitiveness Factors

Chicago Merchandise Mart: Interactive Infrared Touch Screen Overlays

Service – We are nimble and responsive. We are known for meeting our commitments. We only promise what we can deliver.

Solutions – We offer hardware to meet the universe of touch screen applications We have relationships with leading manufacturers of all touch screen and monitors. Our custom bezels allow us to make almost any monitor a touch screen monitor.

Relationships – We need our customers to succeed We can be successful only if our customers are successful.

Warranty – We warranty what we sell and are as committed after the sale as we are before.

Our Company's History

TSItouch is an employee-owned business located in Uniontown, Pennsylvania. TSItouch was established in 1989 as a division within a defense contracts company, then re-established as an independent company in 2011.