The TSItouch Executive Series

Touch Screen Solutions - Sizes Ranging from 32” to 98”

Our Executive Series is a ShadowSense™ based solution, which allows for unparalleled touch screen and monitor performance when compared to any other interactive technology.

TSItouch ShadowSense Touch Screen Overlay

Touch Screens with Pinpoint Accuracy

Features such as superior palm rejection algorithms combined with the ability to accurately detect shape and size of touch objects create a user experience that is unrivaled in the touch screen marketplace.

Our Executive Series solutions accurately detect the touching object as a pen/stylus, user’s fingers, palm, or a special eraser and report this data to the operating system. You can use our Executive Series touch screens as a pen computing device very similar to a Microsoft Surface.

Integrates with Microsoft Office Products

Our Executive Series seamlessly integrates with all Microsoft Office products such as OneNote, PowerPoint, Journal, and any other software package designed for pen computing, out of the box, with no drivers.

Additional Executive Series Touch Screen Specifications

  •     24/7 Operation – operate seamlessly and continuously with 24/7 durable performance
  •     Multi-Touch – true multi-touch support with up to six simultaneous touch points for all major operating systems
  •     ShadowSense™ Touch – offering real-time tracking of all touch points and sub-2 mm touch point accuracy
  •     Innovative Reporting – Detection and reporting of pen, finger, and eraser objects
  •     Driver-free – no need to install any drivers on the host PC for all major operating systems
  •     Calibration-free – due to robust and accurate design, no drift, mechanical alignment or temperature issues
  •     Static Object Detection and Rejection – solid touch activation of any objects ≥ 4 mm in diameter
  •     High Ambient Light Operation – enhanced filtering and analog sensors allow operation in bright condition up to full sunlight

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