TSItouch Custom Touch Screens

We Provide Single Touch and Multi-Touch Screen Solutions

We develop custom touch screens using all major touch technologies. Whether you require a resistive or capacitive touch screen or other technology, we can customize your touch screens to meet your needs.

Nike: IDS Pulse Interactive Infrared Touch Screen Overlay

If your touch screen end users will be wearing gloves, operating your touch screens outdoors, or require touch screens that are tamper and vandalism resistant, we can provide the touch screen technology you require.

Our touch screens are used in the medical, industrial, aerospace, retail, and other fields.

2x2 Video Wall with Infrared Touch Overlay

TSItouch Touch Screen Technology

  •     ShadowSense™
  •     FlatFrog
  •     Capacitive (Surface Capacitance)
  •     Dispersive Signal Technology (DST)
  •     Infrared (IR)
  •     Projected Capacitive
  •     Resistive
  •     Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW)

Use our Touch Screen Overview and Buyers Guide to gain an overview of touch screen basics, then contact us to request a quote for your custom touch screen solution.

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