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TSItouch Technology

  • 2, 10, 40, 80, or 100 points of simultaneous touch available
  • Same touch used in smartphone technology
  • Zero-bezel, sleek flat front design
  • Flat front creates an easy to clean surface
  • Touch technology resides behind glass - helps provide protection from water and dust
  • Adds another layer of protection with our extremely strong tempered glass

  • Infrared-based technology
  • 6 or 10 touch points available
  • Features superior palm rejection algorithms combined with the ability to accurately detect shape and size of touch objects
  • Accurately detects the touching objects such as a pen/stylus, user’s fingers, palm, or a special eraser, and reports this data to the operating system
  • Enhanced filtering and analog sensors allow operation in bright conditions up to full sunlight

  • Allows for virtually any input to be detected (pen/stylus, user’s fingers, palms, gloved fingers)
  • Equipped with 6 or 10 touch points (2, 6, 10, 12, or 32 touch points available)
  • Maximum compatibility for numerous operating systems. “plug-and-play”
  • Available in sizes up to 500”
  • Most affordable touch interface offered by TSItouch

Protect Your Investment

Glass Retention Bezel System

glass retention

The TSItouch Glass Retention Bezel System (GRBS)* provides an alternative solution to bonding cover glass. The GRBS is a cost effective, serviceable, and modular solution that allows protective glass (clear, anti-reflective, and anti-glare) to be mounted directly to each display, providing protection to the OEM bezel and displays’ panel. In the event of a monitor failure, the GRBS can be removed, avoiding any issues associated with servicing a bonded display.

Protective Solutions

protective home

Full cold rolled steel chassis combined with extremely strong tempered glass provides additional protection to all types of commercial grade displays. The tempered glass featured in our water and dust resistant protective designs breaks down into pebbles rather than shards in the event of a glass failure, leaving a minimal safety hazard.

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